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Global Household Food Waste (Tonnes per year)

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Data Facts

  • 🍔 United States of Ample Appetites: With a staggering 19,359,951 tonnes of food waste per year, the USA could technically feed a small country with its leftovers! Maybe it's time to start a national compost heap, eh?
  • 🍜 Vietnam's Vast Vittles: Despite being famed for their delicious and varied cuisine, Vietnam sees 7,346,717 tonnes of it go to waste each year. Imagine all the pho-nomenal meals that could have been!
  • 🇫🇷 France's Fancy Feasts: Sacré bleu! The French are wasting 5,522,358 tonnes of food annually. That's a lot of skipped soufflés and bypassed baguettes. Perhaps some of those discarded croissants could fuel a few more romantic picnics along the Seine?

Data Summary

Navigating through the global pantry of our planet, the data reveals a smorgasbord of culinary wastage that's both eye-opening and a tad heart-breaking. From the United States, where the leftovers could practically form a mountain range, to smaller nations like Nauru, tossing a modest 850 tonnes, the spectrum of food waste is as varied as the cuisines themselves. Countries like China and Indonesia toss tens of millions of tonnes of potential feasts aside, while quaint locales like Monaco manage to keep their waste to a mere few thousand tonnes. It's a worldwide buffet of data that showcases the universal truth: from the smallest island nations to the sprawling giants, food waste is a dish served globally, and it’s one recipe we might all want to revise.