UK Number of Senior Citizens (Latest)

UK Open Government License (UK-GOV)Office of National Statistics (ONS)
Data is from the England and Wales 2021 Census, Northern Ireland 2021 Census, and the Scotland 2011 Census (2022 Census data is yet to be released)

Map Highlights

  1. 🌆 London's Youthful Vibe! The bustling city of London seems to be keeping its youthful charm. With only 11.86% of its population being seniors and elderly, it's the region with the least percentage of older folks in 2021. Maybe it's all those double-decker bus rides keeping everyone young at heart! 🚌💨
  2. 🌊 South West's Seasoned Sailors! Ahoy there! The South West of England is leading the pack with a whopping 22.34% of its population being seniors and elderly in 2021. Perhaps the serene coastal views and the occasional pasty are the secrets to a long, happy life. 🏖️🥟
  3. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland's Decade of Youth! Flashback to 2011, and Scotland was feeling a bit younger. With 16.81% seniors and elderly, they were below the 2021 UK average. Maybe it's the magic of the Highlands or just a wee bit of that Scottish spirit! 🍻🌄

Data Summary

Across the UK, the distribution of seniors and elderly unveils intriguing patterns of regional age compositions. While Wales, with its majestic mountains and deep-rooted traditions, houses 21.30% of its population as seniors and elderly, the East Midlands, known for its industrial heritage and scenic countryside, accommodates 19.50% in the same category. This data accentuates the UK's diverse demographic spectrum, where each region, through its distinct age distribution, adds to the rich mosaic of life and culture that shapes the nation.

About the Data

These regions in the census could also be known as:

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