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UK Population Density (Latest)

UK Open Government License (UK-GOV)Office of National Statistics (ONS)
Data is from the England and Wales 2021 Census, Northern Ireland 2021 Census, and the Scotland 2011 Census (2022 Census data is yet to be released)

Map Highlights

  1. 🌆 London's Lively Landscape! With a whopping 5,597.6 persons per square kilometre, London is over 10 times denser than the North East. Time to make some new friends! 🤝
  2. 🌊 Wales' Wide-Open Wonders! With just 149.9 persons per square kilometre, Wales offers plenty of space for those who fancy a bit of elbow room. Perfect for dragon dances! 🐉💃
  3. 🌻 Yorkshire and The Humber Huddle! With 355.8 folks per square kilometre, it's no wonder there's always a friendly face around. Grab a cuppa and join the chat! ☕️🗣️

Data Summary

Across the UK, population density paints a vivid tapestry of regional differences. London, with its bustling streets and iconic landmarks, boasts a staggering 5,597.6 persons per square kilometre. On the other end of the spectrum, Wales, with its rolling hills and tranquil valleys, offers a spacious setting with just 149.9 individuals per square kilometre. This data underscores the UK's diverse geographical landscape, where every region tells its own unique story of space and society.

About the Data

These regions in the census could also be known as:

  • ITL 1, a new UK standard to replace the EU NUTS standard
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