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US Female Population (Latest)

US Census
Data taken from the US 2021 Census

Map Highlights

  • 👩‍🌾 Mississippi and Massachusetts lead the way! Both states have an equal percentage of female population at 51.5%. It's a great day for gender balance in these states!
  • 🏔️ The mountains of Alaska seem to be drawing in more men! With a female population percentage of 47.9%, it's the state with the lowest proportion of women. Maybe it's the allure of the wilderness?
  • 🏛️ The District of Columbia isn't just the nation's capital, it's also the state with the highest percentage of female population at 52.6%. Women are taking the lead in the heart of the nation!

Data Summary

🌎 Looking at the data, it's clear that the gender balance varies from state to state. Some states like Mississippi and Massachusetts are doing a fantastic job maintaining a balance, while others like Alaska lean more towards the male population. But it's the District of Columbia that steals the show with the highest percentage of female population! It's a reminder of the diversity and variety that makes up our great nation. 🇺🇸

About the Data

Minimal data cleaning was needed for this US Census data, all available in one space through the US Census website and their interactive table builder

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