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US Male Population (Latest)

US Census
Data taken from the US 2021 Census

Map Highlights

  • 🏞️ Alaska's Manly Makeup! Believe it or not, Alaska is the state with the highest percentage of males, with a whopping 52.1% of the population being male. This might be due to the state's history of mining and fishing industries, which traditionally attract more men.
  • 👩‍💼 The District of Columbia's Female Force! The District of Columbia leads the pack with the highest percentage of females. With 52.6% of the population being women, it's clear that DC is a place where women are making their mark, perhaps due to the concentration of government and non-profit jobs that draw in a diverse workforce.
  • 🤷‍♂️ Nebraska's Noteworthy Neutrality! Nebraska stands out with a perfectly balanced gender ratio, with exactly 50% of the population being male. This might just be a statistical anomaly, but it's interesting nonetheless!

Data Summary

🌎 Across the US, the gender balance varies quite a bit from state to state! While Alaska seems to be a male-dominated frontier, the District of Columbia is largely female. Meanwhile, Nebraska's got it all figured out with an even split. It's fascinating to see how these demographic trends tie into each state's unique history and industry make-up. 🚹🚺

About the Data

Minimal data cleaning was needed for this US Census data, all available in one space through the US Census website and their interactive table builder

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