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US Population With A Bachelors Degree (Latest)

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5 months ago
US Census
Data taken from the US 2021 Census

Map Highlights

  • 🎓 The Learning Curve! Our nation is full of scholars, with Massachusetts leading the pack. A whopping 43.7% of its residents have a Bachelor's degree. On the other end of the spectrum, Arkansas trails with only 23% of its population holding a Bachelor's degree. There's plenty of room for growth!
  • 🌃 City of Scholars! The District of Columbia isn't just the nation's capital, it's also the nation's capital of education. An impressive 58.5% of its population have a Bachelor's degree. Now that's some serious brain power!
  • 🏞️ The Great Outdoors vs. Education? Wyoming, known for its stunning national parks and outdoor activities, has a Bachelor's degree rate of only 27.4%. Perhaps the call of the wild is too strong!

Data Summary

🌎 From coast to coast, our nation is a diverse tapestry of education levels. While some states like Massachusetts and the District of Columbia are bustling with Bachelor's degrees 🎓, others like Arkansas and Wyoming have a bit of catching up to do 🎒. But that's the beauty of our nation - there's always room for growth and improvement. So whether you're in the city of scholars or the heart of the great outdoors, remember, every day is a school day! 🚌

About the Data

Minimal data cleaning was needed for this US Census data, all available in one space through the US Census website and their interactive table builder

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