The World’s Open Data, Mapped

We’re on a mission to make the world's open map data more discoverable, accessible and actionable. And we need your help!

The world's maps in one place

mapstack unlocks the potential of the world's open map data by bringing it all together in one place that's simple to search and navigate.

Instant access, instant value

All mapstack maps are web and mobile ready so that users can instantly open and explore a map to see if it contains the information they need.

Simple tools, powerful insights

mapstack maps have been designed from the ground up to deliver expert results without the need for expert operators and software.

Open Map Data is Broken

Open map data is a global resource of immeasurable value, but for those without expert skill and tooling the barriers to entry are simply too high. mapstack will remove these barriers.

Not discoverable

Open map data is hard to find, scattered across all four corners of the internet and the dark depths of government data portals.

Not accessible

How do I open this type of file? Is it up to date? Who made it? When was it made? Can I use it? Can it be trusted?

Not actionable

Turning open data into an actionable, fully featured map that can be accessed via web or mobile is often too complex or too expensive.

Open Maps For Everyone!

mapstack will do for open map data what GitHub did for open source, by bringing all of the world's open maps together in one place and making them easy to discover, easy to access and easy to use.

  • Free Maps Forever

    mapstack is completely free to host open datasets as interactive web maps - no limits, no restrictions.

  • Community Driven

    Publish open datasets from your own profile while building connections and gaining valuable community feedback.

  • Open and Inclusive

    mapstack believes that everyone should have meaningful access to the world's open data regardless of technical capacity or budget.

Beginners Are Welcome Here!

mapstack’s intuitive design ensures anyone can get started with mapping, even absolute beginners. Simply search the open map ecosystem to find maps of interest, then use the simple search, navigation and filters to gain instant insights.

Calling all Creators and Curators

At mapstack we are busy building a platform capable of hosting all of the world's open maps for free. If you are a map creator or curator and would like to be one of the first contributors to the mapstack ecosystem then we would love to hear from you!